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Article Monster - Ultimate SEO Content Generator

Create High-Quality Articles Fast And Get More Traffic in 3 EASY STEPS
With the easiest and the fastest content creation software ever... It's a marketers dream!

Step 1. Paste Your Keyword To YouTube
To get the best results you need to use articles relevant to your niche and topic. Article Monster makes that possible.

Step 2. Choose The Video With Subtitles
Using less-known videos with subtitles that you'd like to convert into articles you get unique high-quality content written by a real human. Amazing, right?

Step 3. Paste The Video Link To The Article Monster
You just paste your chosen video URL into our software and hit one button. That's it! The software creates the article for you in seconds.

[GIVEAWAY] Article Monster [Ultimate SEO Content Generator]

The Best Unique Content Generator
The Article Monster is the best article writer software. When you’re able to transcribe any video then possibilities are endless.

You can use this software:

- to create high-quality articles for your SEO (PBN, web 2.0 posts etc.)
- to create content for your blog
- to create script templates for your video and for your articles as well
- to create script templates for your podcasts
- to create articles that you can sell on Fiverr, Leggit and other portals like that

As you can see there’s a lot of ways to make money with this tool.

Make sure you have Java installed. You can pick up the latest Java from here:
Unzip first, then launch the .jar file

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