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SecureDash Website Security Suite

SecureDash is a cloud-based software solution, developed by Gaurab Borah et al., who are involved in other popular systems such as the CPA List Domination program and SMSbot.net in the past. This software was built to work discreetly and to monitor your website 24/7 in order to detect unauthorized intruders trying to hack your website and possibly cause you harm.

SecureDash comes with a total of 10 different tools that work together to help you keep your website save, even when you are not logged in. The tools included in this software suite consists of:

✓ DDoS Monitoring Tool to block Botnets
✓ MySQL Injection blocking tool
✓ Brute Force Password Hacking protection tool
✓ File permission security software to protect your .htaccess file
✓ Foreign Ping Protection tool
✓ CrawlBot Protection tool
✓ AUtoFileMod server scanner
✓ Malware scanner
✓ Virus Rack system scanner
✓ Water Hole Attacks Protection tool

The software is compatible with any website. Whether your website is a custom-developed site or based on a CMS like WordPress – the script that is used to activate the software on your website is compatible with any system, as long as you can gain access to the code.

The real-time protection features offered by SecureDash also means there is no need to worry about hackers that might be actively trying to hack your website. Not only will existing files be scanned, but any incoming attacks will be blocked immediately.

To use the software, simply set up your website on the platform and copy the code that the software gives you to your website. Full video instructions are provided for those who are at a beginner level and not sure how to access their website’s code or where to paste the code that the software generates.

Protect Your Website From Hackers And Bots

You have worked hard to create a website and then build up a reputation for your online property. Whether you own an e-commerce store, a sales funnel, or a blog – it is crucial that your data is protected at all times. A protected website and server become even more crucial when you store customer data in a database and request private information from your visitors on your website.

With hackers being active all the time and targeting vulnerable websites to steal data and sometimes to even take over the entire server, the time has come to implement the appropriate steps to prevent this from ever happening to you.

SecureDash is a complete system that comes with ten essential tools that will protect your website against unauthorized access and keep any private data that should not be shared away from hackers. The software is affordable and is extremely easy to implement, even for those who would consider themselves beginners in terms of web development and design.


Keeping your website safe from hackers, bots, malware, and viruses are important if you want to avoid loading up your website only to find that a hacker has taken it over, or having customer data exposed to unauthorized intruders. SecureDash comes with an all-in-one suite of tools that can be used to guarantee the safety of your website, without the need for a monthly subscription.

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