[VIP] FB Vidmatic [The 1-Click Facebook Video Site Builder & Monetizer]

FB Vidmatic [The 1-Click Facebook Video Site Builder & Monetizer]

3 Steps To Create Simple Blog Sites Filled With Videos From Facebook Pages With Just 1 Click Of Your Mouse

Brand New Software Builds A 100% Autopilot, Money Making Video Site In Under 3 Minutes!...

FB Vidmatic is a simple 2-in-1 software that allows you to make a super fast passive income online. It’s both simple and ethical, and allows you to profit from other people’s products using 100% free traffic on complete auto-pilot. This means that you don’t need a product of your own, no email list is required and you don’t even need a dime on paid traffic.

FB Vidmatic is literally a WordPress plug-in which allows you to easily build video blog sites with content derived from Facebook pages. After that, you have 100% control of your website to monetize the videos with a view to automatically maximizing your CPA and affiliate commissions.

FB Vidmatic enables subscribers to create Facebook video sites with content from this social media network’s fan pages. These sites are guaranteed to be preferred by Google, making sure your blog is ranked on first page of this search tool.

FB Vidmatic [The 1-Click Facebook Video Site Builder & Monetizer]
Here are some things you can do with this WordPress plugin:

☑ Enter keywords to look for relevant videos you are looking for
☑ Insert Leadbox Ads into every video
☑ Leadbox Ads Editor is another built-in helping you create and customize leadboxes
☑ Preview videos
☑ Add keywords to video posts

Training program

In addition to the FB Vidmatic application, you are also granted with a step-by-step video training course which will lead you through all the features of FB Vidmatic, as well as how to harness the power of video sites to bring out the best outcomes and earn tremendous amounts of online profits.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Enter keywords in the search bar, then FB Vidmatic will fetch videos from Facebook based on your keywords.
Step 2: Add monetization tools from a huge list of choices provided.
Step 3: Click “Post” and wait for the results.

FB Vidmatic [The 1-Click Facebook Video Site Builder & Monetizer]

BONUS (Elite Traffic Masterclass):

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