[VIP] MyMailIt [Best Cloud-Based Autoresponder]

MyMailIt [Best Cloud-Based Autoresponder]

myMailIt Creates & Sends Emails In A Way The ISP's LOVE

MyMailIt is the complete cloud-based system that works best to send out high-converting email campaigns. This program has been tested and received positive results from nearly 500 beta testers.

This is the most complete & helpful email marketing package ever created. Get access to this one of a kind program now via this MyMailIt Review & scale up your business instantly.

Here are three reasons this is better than using a 3rd party autoresponder service:

1. Sending from your email address by use of SMTP settings will lower the chances of your emails being detected as spam

Any time your “from” email fails to match the server it is being sent from, the chances are that your subscriber will never see your email.
2. You gain trust from your subscribers since you will not be using the same autoresponder most marketers use.

3. Sending emails using your own SMTP settings, makes you appear a serious marketer who cares about your subscriber.

MyMailit is more powerful than most autoresponder and will give you much more freedom than most of them.

MyMailIt [Best Cloud-Based Autoresponder]

You want to start maximizing your email marketing profits today, and I’m sure that’s why you are here today.

We are here to help you know what MyMailit is, what it entails, and the features of this service.

My Mailit is one of the most effective ways to boost your conversion rate of your mailing list.

It is true that most of the business now use email marketing to convert their prospects into buyers, so should you be left behind?

MyMailit is hosted in the cloud, and just like any other autoresponder platform, you will need to log in.

However, the difference is how the mail is sent. Instead of it being channeled through the same servers that thousands of emails from other companies follow, MyMailit uses personalized email servers to send your bulk emails and newsletters to your subscribers.

When you first setup MyMailit, one of the things you will need to include is the email server information.

If you already have a dedicated server, VPS, or website, and you have an email server set up, you can get all the necessary information from your hosting provider.

My Mailit is fully compatible with Amazon’s email service and SMTP relay, which means you can use them to send your emails rather than using your own servers.

Configuring MyMailit is easier since it takes a short time as you will only need to provide server ports, passwords, names, etc. Remember to ask your hosting company about any information you might not be sure of.

There are in-depth help videos for nearly all the functions of this service. You will find creating an email list very easy, thanks to the simplified interface of this autoresponder service.

MyMailIt [Best Cloud-Based Autoresponder]

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