[VIP] Pixalogo 3.0 [The best logo design bundle ultimate 2020]

Pixalogo 3.0 is the best logo bundle ultimate Helps You Create Professional Business Logos Easily and Quickly.

No matter what is your business , logo is the most important thing to creates trust. A logo is a company’s first introduction to consumers. While this is not the only factor. Consumers consider when shopping, a logo can be appealing invitation to learn more.

The fact is, create a Professional Business Logo is not easy, expensive and consume much time! On the internet, create a logo need at least hundred to thousand dollars with the quality varying depending on the actual cost. And it need weeks to create it. Or you could take it upon yourself to design your logo from scratch. Study dozens of videos & resources to design your logo, or  invest so much time in learning how to designing a logo. Either they took too much of your time or weren’t as easy-peasy as they claimed to be. Introducing PIXALOGO 3.0 – The Best Logo Design Bundle Ultimate 2020.

With PixaLogo 3.0, you can also create your own logo design agency business. Sell the templates as a service on FIVERR and generate income with easy from Home. That’s right. Anyone with access to a computer with internet can run their own logo-making business. If you can copy and paste text,  you can do it.

So How Do You Get Started?

Step 1 – Grab access to PixaLogo 3.0
Step 2 – Create account at FIVERR.  Post a Gigs there offering logo-making services.
Step 3 – When you get a new order, choose templates from PixaLogo 3.0, choose a best-looking logo out of 200 + instantly edits and send it to your buyer. And that’s it!

Don’t forget, PixaLogo 3.0 templates has a VECTOR logo asset that you can charge more if client request it. Also, it’s a good opportunity while you stay at home during Covid19 and run your online logo design service with PixaLogo 3.0. Ready to get started? Get it now.

✓ There are 200+ Pro Business logo: These templates are professionally designed by  creative designers
✓ 1400 + High Resolution Source files: You will get Vector, Editable Photoshop file and also PowerPoint Version to make your life easier.
✓ PowerPoint Version Included: This is a best deal if you don’t have Photoshop / Illutrator. PowerPoint is quite easy to use to edits Pixalogo 3.0 templates.
✓ 40 Business Categories: PixaLogo 3.0 provided into 40 Business Categories which is covering all business niche.
✓ Easy to Edits: You only need 3 basic step to edits PixaLogo Templates. No need design skill at all. You can do editing is less than 5 minutes!
✓ Commercial License: You can sell as service for client or use it for your own business logo.
✓ Video Tutorial Included: They have create a Youtube channel to assist you edits the templates, and it would be updated frequently  as a learning channel for you.

PixaLogo 3.0 is a tools to helps business people like you create a professional business logo quickly and easily also can save your thousand dollar investment in a logo. It is easy to edits. They have PowerPoint version if buyer do not have adobe illustrator or photoshop. All editing life in PixaLogo 3.0 is only need 3 steps ; select template – change text or colour – export. Done! The commercial license will let you create money online by selling the templates as service. You can go to FIVERR or other marketplace, sell them as service and get money from Home.

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