[VIP] SEO Synergy [Rank New Sites Quickly and Safely]

SEO Synergy [Rank New Sites Quickly and Safely]
Finally Revealed: Former UK Plumber Exposes The Secret Formula He's Using To Rank & Dominate Top Search Engine Positions & Make $123,937 In Just 6 Months

SEO Synergy is a membership based training platform consisting of video training and written step by step instructions to get your sites ranked at the top for the long term.

We all know that SEO is boring and tedious and let’s be honest; who really has the time or inclination to learn every piece of the jigsaw and adjust this piece and that piece when Google release another update.

Video training | PDFs | XLS | Case Studies | Resources

SEO Synergy is broken down into bite sized chunks detailing my simple 1-2-3 practical step by step formula for ranking and sticking brand new sites to the top of major search engines.

You don’t even need to learn this stuff; I tell you exactly which tasks to complete, and when to complete them. And don’t worry; those tasks are as easy a clicking a button.

You also get my personal Fiverr resources to outsource every little task, I’ve been using some of these gigs for years – which makes ranking my sites truly idiot proof; each task includes direct links to a number of Gig providers should you want to outsource the simple tasks.

A Simple but deadly effective SEO formula, which forces new sites to the top of search engines and sticks them there!

Here's what you'll learn inside SEO Synergy:

✓ How to rank new sites quickly and safely for HUGE numbers of keywords
✓ One little known trick (which takes only a few minutes!) that will future-proof your website and rankings against ANY Google updates & keep you on top!
✓ One click Fiverr resources for each task; so you don't even have to learn SEO
✓ All the resources you need at the click of a button (we even provide contact information to our most trusted vendors)
✓ And the secret sauce; SEO Sequencing… Knowing the correct sequence of tasks transforms new sites into traffic magnet authority sites fast.

And the best part is that in order to get started with SEO Synergy you need:
ZERO technical know-how | ZERO money | ZERO experience

SEO Synergy is the NEXT LEVEL in SEO

☑ SEO Sequencing - our secret sauce to eternal Google-love. Turns a new site into an authority one - ranking at the TOP of the search engines for all kind of keywords allowing you to dominate entire niches - worth $197
☑ Evergreen System - with just one tiny trick that takes a few minutes per week you'll STICK to #1 like glue for as long as you want - perfect for producing passive income streams - worth $47
☑ Un-effected by Google Updates – We don’t have to worry about what Google has up its sleeve, we have it covered. Google updates don’t affect our sites and we continue to maintain our #1 position year after year - worth $47 (or we could say priceless)
☑ Identify and Rank for "buying" keywords - SEO Synergy is responsible for driving one of my BRAND NEW clickbank sites from ZERO to $124,000 in 6 months - worth $47
☑ Outsourcing Madness - we show you how to outsource every single step of the way - there's a ZERO learning curve and we supply links to our most trusted vendors - worth $47

SEO Synergy [Rank New Sites Quickly and Safely]

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