[VIP] Site2App [Turn Any Site Into App For Android and iOS]

[GIVEAWAY] Site2App [Turn Any Site Into App For Android and iOS]

New WP Software Allows You To Turn Your Site Into A Fully Fledged Mobile App With The Push Of A Button...

Create 1-Click Mobile Apps - Our WP Software Lets You Instantly Turn Any Site Into A Fully Fledged App For Android and iOS

Site2App turns any old site into a fully fledged mobile app that you can publish on the iOS and Android app stores.

Site2App software will convert WordPress site to Android app or iOS app in minutes, and it even allows you to control the content, design, colors, logos and layout of your app at the touch of a button.

The fact is that 180 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store and if you would you like a piece of that action, then Site2App is the software you need because designing apps will cost thousands of dollars in designer and developer fees.

Since the app market is almost entirely untapped in most niches, and by using Site2App you can be the first to conquer this market with slick, professional apps that work brilliantly. You can now convert your old boring WordPress sites into exciting iOS and Android apps that people really love – and tap into a completely new marketplace and traffic source.

You will be able to create astonishing apps and your apps can include – images, promotional videos, Explainer videos, blog posts, specialized pages and information, directions and maps, contact forms and much more.

[GIVEAWAY] Site2App [Turn Any Site Into App For Android and iOS]

Features of Site2App WordPress Plugin

✓ Simple WordPress plugin
✓ Will convert any WordPress site into a fully-fledged professional mobile app for both iOS and Android with just a few clicks
✓ Create instant menus, graphics and touch-friendly interfaces
✓ Site2App automates everything from start to finish – creating the app and even helping you publish to both iOS and Android app stores
✓ Select from our DFY templates
✓ Pick your app icon and graphics
✓ Simple editor lets you change anything you need
✓ No need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars designing slick looking apps
✓ No need for hiring a designer to create a totally professional look and feel
✓ No need to worry about breaking into the app market, investing thousands for zero return
✓ Creates your own full mobile app within 60 seconds
✓ Complete training right from installing the app to maximizing its potential
✓ 100% newbie friendly with zero learning curve
✓ Site2App Pro version includes tons of extra features like – the ability to add Google AdMob ads for revenue, developers license and even push notifications.
✓ Site2App instantly converts your WordPress sites into stunning, state of the art apps that work perfectly on any phone or tablet. ✓ You can build cool, sexy, modern looking apps that are easily downloaded to phones, tablets and iPads.

This will not only make your business look great but will transform your business by opening up entirely new markets. As it helps create a new stream of income, designing incredible apps for clients who will pay you top dollar for the right app design and catapult your earnings.

All you have to do is upload the internet marketing software, Site2App WordPress plugin to your site and you’re good to go – the app turns your site into a mobile app then helps you publish it to iOS and Android app stores with just 2 clicks!

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