[VIP] SnatchIt [Legally Hijack ANY Website To Sell ANYTHING]

[GIVEAWAY] SnatchIt [Legally Hijack ANY Website To Sell ANYTHING]

SNATCHIT is a cloud based software that lets you place YOUR affiliate offer, YOUR product, YOUR opt-in form on TOP of ANY site (even if you don’t own it). This effectively allows you to place any offer where you earn a commission on sites like CNN, BBC, even Wikipedia.

Find an article from a reputed source – add your affiliate link to an offer that’s relevant to the article – share it on social media, to friends, on Google or to your email list – PROFIT. SNATCHIT is the first cloud app that lets marketers at any level generate easy affiliate commissions like never before.

This sophisticated and yet simple to use web software lets you push a button and instantly have your LINK (an affiliate offer, your website, a video, your own product, etc.) inserted inside the web’s most popular websites.

This means 3 things for you:

You’ve got Leverage: You get to leverage other people’s websites to do the hard work of convincing the readers to buy the product for you
Instant Sales: You get instant sales from visitors who buy the affiliate product
Long-term Commissions: You get long-term commissions by simply sharing the content on social media or with friends (who wouldn’t trust an article from CNN?)

Here are what you will get:

✓ SNATCHIT cloud software and training with access
✓ Ability to Have YOUR link automatically inserted on popular, trusted sites
✓ Create your offer from dozens of built-in templates
✓ Build your list with ease
✓ Link to affiliate offers, videos, sites, products
✓ Web Hosting Built In (You Don’t Even Need a site)
✓ DFY 100% FREE TRAFFIC Generation Built In
✓ All the hard work done for you
✓ 1-on-1 support from leaders in the traffic, affiliate marketing and online sales industry

SnatchIt is a Fully Automated, Cloud-Based Software that Places YOUR Affiliate Offer, Product Or Link Onto ANY Website! Generates You Commissions And Leads Without You Needing A Website!

[GIVEAWAY] SnatchIt [Legally Hijack ANY Website To Sell ANYTHING]

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