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SyndLab is a web-based app which lets you rank your videos and your sites on Google in 2 days or even less. By syndicating your content to more than 30 social networks, SyndLab can process all types of content, whether it is blog sites, videos, websites and more.

The interesting thing about SyndLab is that you can syndicate the content right away or schedule for later time. SyndLab allows you to fully control your business and rank 1st on Google automatically.

SyndLab has just been finished and are packed with so many new things:

✓ Get the first ranking of websites and videos
✓ All in one click
✓ Build more than 30 social syndications to any URL
✓ A built-in scheduler to schedule up to 14 days in advance
✓ Export your campaigns easily

SyndLab – Feature:
Let me remind you what SyndLab can do to boost your ranking:

Syndicate and rank videos
SyndLab gets you backlinks as well as video embeds to help rank your videos

Syndicate and rank niche sites
Ranking 1st on Google is not as hard as it used to be with the help of SyndLab.

Automate social media marketing and content marketing
SyndLab makes sure your content gets posted everywhere on your social profiles. Besides, it helps manage your social media syndication pretty well.

This new version includes many new features as follows:

✓ Deliver faster syndications after processing more than 500,000 syndications
✓ More sites in syndication syndications system
✓ Added RSS feeds to encourage more syndication
✓ Added Facebook photos and Facebook videos
✓ Added campaign cloning to get more content syndicated
✓ Export reports rapidly
✓ Integrate with Instagram

As SyndLab is a cloud-based tool, it can work on all types of platforms and devices. As long as you have a good Internet connection, then you can start at any time. I am sure fans of Mac would definitely love this.

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