[VIP] Tube Commandments [Superior YouTube SEO Training +4 Built In Tools]

Tube Commandments [Superior YouTube SEO Training +4 Built In Tools]
Superior YouTube SEO Training. Ten very cool Videos, well edited and full of 'nuggets' on Researching, Creating and Optimizing YouTube Videos for Page #1 Rankings + Resource Docs + 4 Built In Tools in a State of the Art Membership Area 

Membership area includes 4 Built in Tools...

✓ YouTube URL Variation Generator
✓ YouTube 'Timed' URL Generator
✓ Buyer Intent Search Term Generator
✓ Goo.gl Shortener Generator

PLUS BONUS: Search Focus Keyword Research Software + Case Study Video 
Tube Commandments [Superior YouTube SEO Training +4 Built In Tools]
So Let's Have A Sneak Peek At What's Waiting For You...

Research, Create, Optimize & Rank Videos Like The PROS!
Easy to follow and complete for 2017 & Beyond !

☑ Fast/Simple Keyword/Niche Research - find those 'Golden Nugget' Search Terms!
☑ Backdoor Optimization Tactics - SEO like a BOSS for Immediate Ranking Benefits!
☑ Tactical Optimization - Discover the Secrets that Only 1% of Marketers Know and Use
☑ Channel, Playlist and Video Descriptions to the Max - Blow Your Competition Away!
☑ Built-in Tools - Taking Your Marketing to a Higher Level

This is 'State of the Art', Cutting Edge tactics and training for any marketer at any level looking to rank for...

★ AffiliateCommissions
★ CPA Offers
★ E-Commerce Traffic.
★ Offline Leads
★ Promoting Your Stuff
★ Launch Jacking
★ List Building

The Training And Tools You Need For Video Marketing Success Are RIGHT HERE!
Inside the membership area you already have TWO built in Tools:

The YouTube URL Variation Generator
Create 80+ different YouTube Urls - more being added soon - all pointing to your video - great for mixing it up when creating Backlinks.

The 'Buyer Intent' Search Term Generator
Find 200+ Buyer Intent Search terms - simply enter your generic niche search term and get those Buyer Search Terms to focus on...

'Timed' URL Variation Generator 
Add your YouTube URL and length of video and this tool will create hundreds of unique YouTube URL's to spice up your backlinking strategies.

Goo.gl Shortener Tool 
Add a list of MULTIPLE YouTube URLs (HINT: Maybe those created by two of the other tools?) to create immediate MULTIPLE Goo.gl shortner links for quick Bookmarking and more.

You will also get access to our SEARCH FOCUS Tool 

Included in your purchase today is our very funky Keyword Search Tool. Just type in your main keyword or niche and it will excavate dozens, hundreds of related search terms for you to use in your campaigns.

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