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VidNeos is the first video marketing tool that combines Video Creation and SEO.

Powered by an all-in-one software that can research, rank, analyze, and create videos, you can ride Vidneos to coveted first page rankings on Google and YouTube.

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The typical process of creating and ranking a video is…

1. Keyword research
2. Create video
3. Optimize Title, Description, Tags, etc.
4. Build backlinks and social signals

Vidneos is the very first software that streamlines the entire process and does ALL of these things!

It conducts keyword research based on proven M8 algorithms built-in the software.
It allows you to easily create videos with custom voiceover and background music.
It optimizes your video’s title, description, and tags AND steals tags from your top competitors.
It builds high quality backlinks to your videos so they can instantly rank on Google and YouTube.

Listen, this product is so good that I almost decided to pretend it didn’t exist and not write about it, but then I came to my senses and realized you would know about it anyway.

Product Features: 

✓ Adobe Air based (PC and Mac compatible)
✓ The only software that can Research, Rank, Analyze, and Create videos.
✓ User-friendly interface - Easy to use even if you have never created a video before.
✓ Creates simple marketing videos with custom voiceover and music.
✓ Keyword and Niche research for ranking in both Google and YouTube.
✓ Uses the "M8" algorithms to provide the most accurate and detailed analysis data.
✓ Instantly rank videos on Google and YouTube with built-in backlinking tool.
✓ Check your Google and YouTube rankings automatically.
✓ Spy your top competitors and check their keyword density, comments, and more.
✓ Pull the exact keyword tags used by your top competitors.

[GIVEAWAY] Vidneos [All In One Video Marketing Solutions]

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