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VidSkippy is an advanced cloud-based app that allows you to monetize any existing video and/or web page. Either add in-stream video ads or clickable CTAs inside any video you want. Or use your (monetized) videos as overlay on other people’s web pages.

VidSkippy 2.0 is a SaaS application that allows you to monetize any existing video and/or web page.

You have several monetization options:

✓ Mimic YouTube ads (without paying for clicks) by adding one or more In-stream (aka Pre-Roll) video Ads (you know a clickable video ad before the actual video starts playing).
✓ Add a Clickable CTA inside your video.
✓ Use your (monetized) video and hijack other people’s web pages by creating a link that you can share and once clicked, the visitor will see your video as (full screen) video layover at the moment you want it to occur (on Exit, Load, or Delayed).

Just enter a campaign name and follow this Simple 3 step process:

1. Select any video you like from YouTube, Vimeo or Upload an MP4.

2. Add monetization elements: your pre-roll video ad, Call To Action (clickable text/image/button), Email Form. Plus enter the web page URL you want to “hijack”.

3. Share your VS2 videos and links on other people’s (authority) websites as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. Or embed the video on your website, any CMS, or WordPress.

Main features of VidSkippy:

- Add (clickable) In Stream Ads to any video you want. You can place your add before the video starts or after x seconds delay (or do both).
- Add In Video fully editable CTA Boxes (as Product Box, Article Box, Character Box, Laptop Box, CTA button) with Animated Characters, and Image seizing/cropping features.
- Add Authority Overlay – Add VS2 Clickable Videos to other people’s websites. Set triggers as on Exit, Load, or Delayed. Select out of 9 Position placement options.
- Upload/Select Thumbnail (from built in library, YouZign integration, or use your webcam for image selection).
- Choose Play Button (Liquid, Rotate, or Animated Play Buttons).
- Video Preview feature.
- Creates Embed Code. Simply copy and paste the HTML embed code onto any web page you control.
- Creates Site Jack Link. The hyperlink to the hijacked web page.
- Creates Shareable URL Link. This is a the hyperlink to the full page video.
- One-click Share on Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter).
- Comes with WordPress plugin that lets you use your own domain instead of VidSkippy domain to share your videos.
- Built-in quick start training videos with marketing route.

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